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Dark is the night
I can weather the storm
Never say die
Ive been down this road before

Ill never quit
Ill never lay down
See I promised myself I would never let me down

So Ill never give up
Never give in
Never let a ray of doubt slip in
And if I fall
Ill never fade
Ill just get up and try again
Never lose hope
Never lose faith
Theres much too much at stake
Upon myself I must depend
Im not looking for a place ashore
Im gonna win

Wont stop me now
Theres still a ways to go
Some way somehow
Whatever it takes I know

Ill never quit
Ill never go down
Ill make sure they remember my name 100 years from now


When its all said and done
My once in a lifetime wont be back again
Now is the time, for me to stand
Here is my chance, thats why i


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